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> quarter of beef is not as much as they
> might think. 

Just a thought, there is a local company that got started a few years ago 
packaging a gift box of meats with either steaks, or and assortment of 
different cuts in different size of boxes.  Did some of their early marketing 
at farmers markets and set up sample locations at these markets.  They 
started buying their meats to today they have their own packing houses 
federally inspected.  Just a bit of trivia,,,, they sold 1.4 million the week 
before Christmas.  With the right marketing plans anything that can be 
conceived can be achieved.

One thing they didn't expect the customer to buy more than they really could 
use in a short period of time.  They use a lot of different methods of 
advertising and a lot of telemarketing to get the message out to the public.

That 1.4 Million was one week's sales.

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