[Market-farming] Selling Quarters

Dave Lilligren dave at lilligren.com
Fri Jan 3 14:20:33 EST 2003


Good question.  What we explain to people is how small a quarter of beef
really is once it's been processed and wrapped.  We tell them that a quarter
will usually fill two bushel baskets.  Then it doesn't sound like so much -
especially when compared to one fourth of a big live bovine!

People who really want healthy meat should be strongly encouraged to
purchase some type of freezer.  They can purchase a small chest freezer for
about $150 at Wal-Mart that can fit into an apartment and can easily hold a
quarter.  When the beef runs low, they can refill their freezer with our
pastured poultry!  ;o)

Regarding freezers, a refrigerator-repair friend of ours says the best ones
to get are the chest ones, as opposed to the uprights.  The compressors last
much longer on a chest freezer because they have less work to do.  Every
time you open up an upright freezer, the cold air begins to fall out and the
compressor has to kick in.  When you open a chest freezer, the colder air
sinks to the bottom of the freezer, requiring less of the compressor.  But,
you can't beat the convenience of a nice upright freezer when it comes to
finding something...

Again, try to explain to folks that a quarter of beef is not as much as they
might think.  Perhaps you won't lose as many sales, if they are willing to
try (or at least invest in a small, apartment-size freezer).

Good luck!

Dave Lilligren
Sandstone, MN


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