[Market-farming] Patterns in direct market sales of meat

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> I'm a little confused about the govt. regulations here.

Robert, here in Iowa Meat can be sold at farmers market if it has been 
slaughtered at astute or federal inspected plant, but no one is allowed to 
sell beef or pork without a state or Federal stamp on the meat.  No home 
butchered meats are allowed to be sold anywhere in the state.  Meat products 
can be packaged only with the operators having a processors licenses and 
state and county inspection.

Some states are a little more lax than others, thank goodness, but I want all 
the meat I buy to be inspected by a good processor, I grew up with the 
neighbors hanging hogs and cattle in a crib alley over night to cool out then 
cutting up the next few days.  Do any of you now what kind of critters live 
in the crib, that only come out at night.

Phil from Iowa
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