[Market-farming] Patterns in direct market sales of meat

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
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We sell either packages as shown on our web site or even by the cut, which
we prefer not to do, but have little choice at farmer's markets.

All meat sold to a third party has to be inspected and we have access to
several local processors but all are state certified and not USDA. However,
the regulations are the same for both but there is still no reciprocity so
we can not ship outside of the state. But we have no intention of mail
ordering meat as it requires special packaging and dry ice and is not what
we would consider to be environmentally sustainable.

We live 14 miles from the MN and nearly to the Iowa borders with the
Mississippi River between.  Of course customers can buy the meat on the farm
and then take it home wherever they live. We have had a buyer from as far as
Chicago, but they are a rare exception. They found our site on the internet
and decided to vacation in our scenic "driftless area" and looked up farms
they were familiar with. We give tours to clients and if they are interested
enough in a tour, they will likely buy some of the product.

We have our own logo so in a sense we use this as our label but the meat is
packaged by our processor in the white paper "old fashioned" way and stamped
with the farm name. We do give out many brochures that have the logo.  It
does not show up on our web site however and eventually we will have to
shoot a picture of our new sign we constructed with the distinctive M that
we have and put that on our web site.

Rick W.
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  How are you able to market cuts of beef rather than quarters or halves?
Do you have a USDA faciility?  Do you have your own label?


  Bob, Kathleen, and Kory Brocious
  Tenacity Farm
  Campbellsburg, Kentucky
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  >Here is a question for those of you who are direct marketers of beef or
  >other meats.
  >Have you noticed any patterns of months that are always low in sales or
  >in sales?
  >We have just under two years worth of data and find that March and April
  >seem to be the slowest. The best are as you might expect during
  >October/November/December. Is this pretty much the pattern others have
  >as well? Anyone figured out any strategies to improve sales during the
  >One advantage of having higher overall sales throughout the year is the
  >ability to keep the inventory more current. Our biggest "problem" still
  >been difficulty selling steaks compared to roasts and ground beef.
  >Thanks for any input.
  >Rick Williams
  >Misty Ridge Farm
  >Direct marketed dairy beef and produce
  >(also dairy heifers and beef stockers)
  >Viroqua, WI
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