Vinegar spray

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This is speculation but it makes sense to me. Vinegar is a very natural product of fermentation, which is common in the wild with fruit. Ever seen the drunk elephants in nature shows. The fermentation to alchohol is carried further to vinegar (acetic acid) naturally. The ecosystem is prepared to handle it. I suspect there are microorganisms which find a way to use vinegar as food. 

I can't imagine that you would use enough to change the pH of your soil. It would probably takes hundreds of gallons per acre to make that much difference.

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  What are residues are left behind in the soil when you use vinegar?  How does it affect Ph levels?  Can you plant behind it?

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  >For somewhat tender to semi noxious, 120 grain. For the real bad 
  >ones 300 
  >grain. 50% can be bought at Costco for less than $2 per gal. Use it 
  >straight or add a little concentrated lemon jiuce to help strip leaf 
  >cuticle off weeds. Do it in the sunshine whenever possible. Works 
  >well with an Herbie or a Wick to avoid drift. This stuff really 
  >kicks butt. 
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