Germinating cilantro in summer heat

Ken Bezilla kenbez at
Thu May 30 19:05:53 EDT 2002

I had no trouble seeding cilantro all summer long when I was in Oregon.  
Here in Missouri, though, cilantro seems to go dormant in our hot summers 
and refuses to germinate.

I've started to experiment to see if I can break the dormancy by sprouting 
the seed in jars (as one would alfalfa sprouts) before planting.  However, 
I've had no luck at room temperature.  (Next tries will be at 40 degrees and 
55 degrees.)

Any ideas?  (I'd prefer not to have to actually chill the seed in trays of 
potting soil -- I don't want to have to keep the trays watered once they're 
out of the fridge...)

Ken Bezilla
East Wind Community
southern Missouri

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