Silverleaf Whiteflies

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Thu May 30 10:23:37 EDT 2002

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Errol Castens
Green Eggers Farm
Oxford, Mississippi

A new inexpensive, environmentally friendly trap developed by Agricultural
Research Service scientists in Phoenix, Ariz., captures pesky silverleaf
whiteflies that cause millions of dollars a year in damage to field and
greenhouse crops.
The new trap contains a green LED light that has been used as a pilot light
in many types of electronic equipment and appliances. The whiteflies are
attracted to this light and then get caught in the trap, which looks like an
overturned plastic cup with a yellow ring on the bottom. The LED-CC trap
works especially well at night in attracting whiteflies. Also, LED-CC traps
are inexpensive and durable.

(Inventor) Chu points out that one of the major benefits of the LED-CC Trap
is that it is "whitefly parasite friendly"--unlike many other traps on the
market. That means the new trap will control whiteflies without harming
beneficial insects that attack whiteflies. The new trap also captures and
kills whiteflies without the use of pesticides.
Scientists and farmers are just starting to receive information about the
LED-CC Trap, but there is already high initial interest because of the
trap's potential for controlling whiteflies.
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