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    When you thin is important because the growing point of sweet corn doesn't reach the soil line until the plant is at the 4-5 leaf stage. In other words, if you cut the plant off at the soil line before it reaches 4-5 leaves, it will just grow back. That's why a frost won't kill sweet corn normally. We just went through that. So make sure you chop it out by the roots when you do it. The earlier you do it, the easier they come out.

    When sweet corn is too crowded some plants won't produce an ear, or will produce a very small unmarketable one. Sacrificing a few plants to achieve a proper stand is well worth the effort.

Bill Shoemaker
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  We planted 3 corn seeds for each one we wanted to grow.  Now we are seeing often 2 and sometimes 3 corn plants coming up.  At some point we are suppose to thin them.  

  When do you thin?
  Why do you thin?  I have a real hard problem pulling up a perfectly good looking corn plant.

  Still learning,

  Bob, Kathleen, and Kory Brocious
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