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Tom Anslow limerock at
Tue May 28 06:42:46 EDT 2002

Hello  --  We bought two 500' rolls at the Toledo Fruit & Veg show, BUT, did
not get to using it this year.  Weather and other projects delayed our
planting to the point where it is not needed this year.  It does seem to be
pretty slick but as mentioned by someone else, it is just for early starts
and not a season long use.  Maybe one reason we did not get it up is that it
seems labor intensive to put up (minimum of 4 people to put up).  Was going
to make something up to hang off the 3-point and roll it out but have not
yet.  Up here in northern Ohio, a two week jump on tomatoes at our stand
would probably pay for the stuff.  Guess there is next year.

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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