perforated plastic bags for salad mix

Lucy Goodman goodows at
Sun May 26 08:16:05 EDT 2002

You really need to spin dry the greens, even with perforated bags you
will get a mess. There have been several folks on this list who have
good cheap ways to dry greens. The simplest is to buy a $3 laundry bag,
fill it with wet greens and spin the bag around. I used to do this but I
have 2 bad rotator cuffs (I used to jump horses for fun and profit and
had several nasty falls that did bad things to my shoulders) so after 2
seasons of the bag method I bought a commercial salad spinner and LOVE
it. Dried greens well in a lot less time than the bag method and my
shoulders don't hurt for a day after salad harvest.

Another idea was to put two laundry baskets together and attach ropes to
all sides wind them up and spin the baskets. I have no idea how dry this
gets the greens since I have not used this method.

I think it is Glad™ who makes veggie ziploc™ bags. They are pricey but
probably in bulk they would get cheaper. I get mine 1/2 price at a
scratch and dent grocery but i do not sell salad mix in them, I just
have them for personal use.

Aimee Kocis & John Good wrote:
> Hello.
> I am looking for perforated (small holes rather than large vents) for my
> salad mix. I will be selling at a farmer's market and do not have a
> spin-dryer and do not want my mix to smoosh and wilt, wet in straight
> plastic. Anyone know of any suppliers? I am having trouble locating any.
> Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you.
> Aimee Kocis
> Charlestown Cooperative Farm
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