Au Naturel High Tunnels

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at
Fri May 24 14:02:14 EDT 2002

Paul has a complete list of materials in a Word document.  If you decide to
purchase one from Atlas, I'm sure he'd email it to you.  Where you are,
shipping might be a cost concern, but the folks at Atlas can quote you on
the cost.  We also get our polylock from them, although we get plastic
elsewhere - shop it around.  We're having a workshop in October on the farm
that will go into some detail on construction, as well as what we grow, how
we grow it, marketing, etc. The website has details.

We find that we need a small heated greenhouse for transplant production -
we grow all winter here in the high tunnels which are not heated.  But our
heated greenhouse is only 14x30 and is close to half-filled with stock
plants, Alison's orchids, citrus trees, etc, so you could probably go a
little smaller.

Alison, Au Naturel Farm

> I'm kind of a give it all to me in a box person, but this price looks
> great.
> Now, how do I know what to buy for completion.  Is there a list?  I could
> just see me trying to figure it all out.  LOL!
> For the market gardener doing mostly veggies, is a hoophouse / cold frame
> enough or should I be thinking in terms of a heated greenhouse??
> Sandra
> Rancho El Shadday
> Meeker, OK

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