Au Naturel High Tunnels

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at
Fri May 24 11:25:19 EDT 2002

We buy a 20x96 kit from Atlas Greenhouses -
The Kit is $885 plus shipping. I don't think we could match that price doing
it ourselves, and the quality is topnotch.  Figure about $2200-$2500 total -
wood, plastic, polylock, door, etc., as long as you do your own labor.  It
will pay for itself in about 20-25 weeks the first winter.  If you want a
48' house, the kit will do two for you with a little extra hardware, and I
can say from experience that one won't be enough once you get it going.
We're still trying to meet demand with enough production, and we now have
6500 sqft.


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> From: 	Carole Pivarnik[SMTP:carole at]
> Oops, just checked your Web site...I've seen your site before, really nice
> operation you have going! I would love to learn more about your high
> tunnels. That is EXACTLY what I want to put up...something along the
> lines of 16' x 48'. Do you bend your own pipe for them, or buy kits,
> or what?
> Carole P in VA

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