Potted bulbs...any experience out there?

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Fri May 24 09:38:42 EDT 2002

We do this with lilies - both Asiatic and Oriental.  We find that they sell
very well at Farmers Market.  They are a colorful pot, and the customer gets
a perennial that will continue to multiply in their perennial bed.  We
spread the selling season out by potting up about 2/3 of our order early and
keeping the other third under refrigeration for 3-4 weeks, then potting.
Early spring bulbs flower before the market opens, so we do not do those. Be
sure you order from a wholesale source.  Asiatics can be bought for .50 each
or a little less, most orientals for just under a $1.00.  Add a 1 gallon
pot, a little potting media and tender loving care for a few weeks, and you
can see the profit potential.  In our small-town farmers market, we get 4.95
for all our perennial pots, including the lilies, and almost always sell

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm (South Central Kentucky)

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> From: 	Carole Pivarnik[SMTP:carole at tuliphillfarm.com]
> One idea is to grow and sell flowering bulbs in pots...seems
> like there are at least a few varieties for Spring Summer and
> Fall that are popular and which would do well in pots--and 
> that could later be transplanted into the buyer's garden...
> for added perceived value.

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