Zip House row protectors

Chris Sawyer css at
Fri May 24 08:20:30 EDT 2002

I bought two large rolls two years ago. I found it difficult to set
unless the ground has been recently worked. It also is not very tall and
is hard to remove for harvest. I would consider it only for starting
early plants that are very small.
All in all I am sorry I spent the money. A hoop house with 1" pvc seems
a better project for us.


gleneco1 at wrote:

>  Has anyone had any experience using the Zip House row protection
> system?  Someone showed it to me from a garden catalog he had and then
> I found it listed in my copy of E & R Garden Supply catalog.  It
> consists of strips of clear plastic on both sides of the row mounted
> on stiff curved plastic rods spaced at 5 foot intervals.  The rods
> anchor the plastic to the ground and curve towards the center of the
> row. A single wire or string threaded along the top of the cover in a
> zigzag fashion from one side to the other closes or opens it by being
> pulled or released.  It comes in both 25' and 500' lengths.  It
> appears to be fairly expensive at first glance, but if it really
> works, it would beat fighting wind blown floating row covers all to
> pieces. Marlin Burkholder---
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