Using trellis netting?

Liz Pike liz at
Mon May 20 07:47:29 EDT 2002

>Sorry to belabor this one, but what sort of twine are you using? I've
> purchased non-anti-fungal twine from Johnny's in the past to this
> use, but shipping it, etc was v. expensive. It's also very 'heavy
> guage.' Are you using something you can buy locally?

no problem Allan.  Yes, I used local twine I got from a farm general store.
Though it is/was cheaper to get a larger spool, working alone, I found it
much faster to weave using smaller spools.  A case of 500 rolls lasted me
forever (I prefer bush beans so only had to trellis cukes).  Now I can't
remember how many feet were on the spools.  lemme go find some records &
I'll get back to you!

Liz Pike

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