Using trellis netting?

Liz Pike liz at
Sun May 19 11:07:48 EDT 2002

> OK, since you're probably still 'live,' how are you constructing your
> trellis with twine (how much work do you go to?) and can you use it
> for cukes and beans and ??
> Thanks again, Liz!
> -Allan

Twine is first stretched along bottom & looped around each post several
times before going on to the next post.  The wrapping is important because
the post can "cut" the twine if there's any rubbing (wind) whatsoever.  The
extra "go-arounds" insulate from that.  This essentially forms a rectangle
between the top wire, the 2 posts, and the bottom twine.  Then I take the
twine, tie off on the bottom twine at a post, go up & over a few inches,
then down to the bottom twine, wrap twice, then up & over again, forming
large triangles.   After forming those huge triangles, tie lines
horizontally every 6 ", & weave the twine in & out of those huge triangles,
once again, wrapping several times when you come to a post.

I hope I explained this so you can picture it.  if not lemme know!!

Liz Pike

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