Shredded paper for compost??

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> I do have a true composter.  But if I use it for mulch won't the Oklahoma 
> winds just blow it away?  

Perhaps, I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing OK winds ;-)    Have you 
ever applied any mulch material around your plants?  Marsh hay or straw?  Did 
those blow away?  I usually apply mulch just before a rain- it helps to 
settle it right down around the plant and when it dries just the top-most 
part of the mulch will crust over leaving the mulch impervious to succeeding 
winds and leaving the under parts nice and moist.  Use a good 4 to 6" of 
mulch- it helps to hold it down as all that tangled paper won't let go of 
each other.  Maybe try a small section to see what happens before using all 
the mulch and then losing it to the wind.  Auntie Emmmmm!

Oak Camp Herb Farm
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