Shredded paper for compost??

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> Sure you can - wet it down first, though - soak it for a while till it's
> good and wet, then squeeze out handfuls till they are about as wet as a
> damp sponge.  Toss 'em in the compost heap/bin, and mix 'em in when you
> aerate the pile, or let the worms do the job for you.  (Me, I have
> redworms who do all the aerating for me, lol.  I'm a LAZY gardener, hee!)

Yes, in vermicomposting the paper will be great!  But in a true compost that contains only "microherd" the paper is like eating.....well, 
paper.  The microbes prefer something with substance and provides them with 
some nurishment.  
so, if you have a true compost pile, use the shredded paper to mulch around 
plants on your farm- that way the worms can get it first...and when they are 
done with it they can pass along the "better stuff" to the microherd in the 
soil.  Still a great way to use shredded paper.
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