Bed shapers?

Kevin Ancell kancell at
Fri May 17 11:00:00 EDT 2002

I bought my Mechanical Transplanter (brand) bed shaper, mulch layer with drip tape attachment for about $1,700.00 including shipping. The pan is lined with plastic which lets it glide over the soil. I figured my time and effort plus raw materials would have come in just under the price I paid for what I got plus the day I got it I was using it in the field and didn't have to tinker with it one bit.

It makes a bed up to 8" high and 36" across down to 18" across and 4" high with setting in between.

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  Has anyone used one of these? How do they work for initially starting a permanent (non-contained) raised bed system?

  Has anyone built one of these from scratch, opposed to paying the ludicrous price?

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