Tomato transplants damping off-in the field!

M McGuire Michael.McGuire at
Tue May 14 10:47:11 EDT 2002

Compost tea, manure tea, and nettle tea are excellent plant tonics and 
pest/disease suppressors.  Manure tea should be made either with very well 
rotted manure, or else the tea should be allowed to ferment for at least 
two to four weeks, depending on temperature, in a nearly sealed 
container--the CO2 gas must have an escape to prevent an unpleasant 
surprise.  Stirring the solution is generally recommended.  Putting nettles 
in with either of the other two is also a good option.  Another simple 
approach, particularly for a one-off application at planting, is a baking 
soda solution.

>For damping off (or rotting of the stems) use Chamomille Tea.
>Directions on my web site.  URL is below.  Look in the "Organic Farm"
>Also try a tea made of stinging nettle - the disadvantage being you need
>to prepare this about a month in advance.

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