Tomato transplants damping off-in the field!

Robert Farr rbfarr at
Mon May 13 20:06:57 EDT 2002

For damping off (or rotting of the stems) use Chamomille Tea.
Directions on my web site.  URL is below.  Look in the "Organic Farm"

Also try a tea made of stinging nettle - the disadvantage being you need
to prepare this about a month in advance.

Take a 5 gallon pail and stuff it full of nettles - leaves, stalks,
flowers, etc.  Fill to the brim with water, them cover.  Leave outside.
In about a month, it should be ready to use.  You'll know when it's
ready as the water is a very deep red, and it will have stained your
bucket.  Dilute with 50% water, and pour around plants.  Nettle is a
very effective anti-fungal.

BTW, you should not plant into an area which is has decomposing plant
matter - for all sorts of reasons!

Good luck!

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