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Is yours a managed market? If so, put a clause in the rules and regs saying
something to the effect that all items must be grown or made by the vendor and
no jobbing is allowed. The market manager reserves the right to visit the farm
and check for compliance. We have one market in the state that specifies only
vendors and produce come from three adjacent counties can be sold at the market
(I don't recommend this but it's their rule). Doesn't solve the problem of
undercutting the market or transplants that are received as plugs and then
grown-out before sale, . . .assuming they do this. 

At 09:46 PM 5/12/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Don't you all love the people that come to a market to get rid of inventory ( 
>Doesn;t seem to find a way around these kind of people, had someone show up 
>this year with trailer load of Herbs aand selling  at dump wholesale prices.  
>What a joy? I wish that more people that sell at farmers market use this for 
>their sole income, if they did things like this wouldn't happen so often.  
>This give me two competitors selling herbs , bought form some outside source, 
>and it is really getting hard to make a profit.  The vege market here has 
>always been bad for people buying from wholesalers and selling their stale 
>produce really cheap, but people have kind of caught on to their game and 
>have came back to buy fresh produce.  But cheap plants is another story.   
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