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> Our markets are coming into full swing.  Green beans, squash, potatoes 
> blackberries, cucumbers.  Greenhouse tomatoes, field tomatoes soon.  
> Asparagus, lettuce and most greens are gone, or nearly so.

It has been so cold this spring it is really hard telling when I will be able 
to get anything out of the field, 40 this morning again.  Thank goodness for 
the hoophouses that has been producing good salad mixes for about 4 weeks, 
about 80# s week, but the wind and the wet weather at present has pretty well 
shut us off from doing anything  to much in the gardens
This time of the year we aree pretty dependent upon the market herb sales 
which has been really rough this year, going to have to change all of our 
pricing for next week and try to sell some of the 15,000 plant inventory.

Our market is managed by a large marketing Corporation.

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