Market dumpers

Willie McKemie mckemie at
Mon May 13 05:09:21 EDT 2002

> > Don't you all love the people that come to a market to get rid of inventory 
> > ( 
> > cheap).
> > 
> Then change the rules of your market so that isn't allowed.  
> 1) Make the rules state that plants must be grown by the seller for at least 
> 8 weeks before it can be sold. 
> 2) Allow only local farmers to sell at the market.  (It makes a great 
> marketing tool, too!)
> These are positive changes for your market because customers like to buy from 
> the grower and know that it supports local farms.  It will help the market 
> become known as a quality establishment with vendors who provide great 
> customer service.

I wholeheartedly agree.  But, I believe that Phil has mentioned before 
that he has little control and is stuck with peddlers (PIN-HOOKERs, 
a great term from last year's discussions) in his markets.  All the 
more reason to seek out legitimate and honest markets.

Our markets are coming into full swing.  Green beans, squash, potatoes 
blackberries, cucumbers.  Greenhouse tomatoes, field tomatoes soon.  
Asparagus, lettuce and most greens are gone, or nearly so.

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