Organic waxed boxes-reuseable?

kim black fohat123 at
Tue May 7 16:34:37 EDT 2002

Mike, I'm an organic farmer in Ky and I sure couldn't find anything that said that but I also didn't see alot about packaging period. Some of the catch words i've seen is "food grade package" designated organic containers that kind of stuff but it was very spread out in the federal organic standard. I know I cant reuse egg cartons when I sell my eggs but thats because of the Ky egg marketing law, I've never seen it actually stated in NOS or in our local stuff either. 
...Good luck.
Kim in Ky 
  Mike Steinberg <mstein at> wrote: I have heard rumors that the new federal organic standards might prohibit
the re-use of waxed organic boxes. Is there any truth to this rumo? Is
this another way the new federal standards might hurt the small organic
market farmer?

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