Flower buckets

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Sat Mar 30 19:47:21 EST 2002

Florist vases are also available from Kinsman company. www.kinsmangarden.com
They offer smooth, green enamel finish florist vases in 8, 12 and 16" tall
versions.  12" tall vase sells for $13.95 or they also have them in
traditional, all steel, hot-dipped in zinc also in 8,12 and 16" sizes.  The
12" tall one sells for $11.95  This is a retail catalog so prices are a bit
higher, but you can buy just 1 of an item if you want.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

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> Can anybody tell me where to buy the tall vase-shaped galvanized
> buckets for the display of flowers? Like the ones in this picture
> http://www.atapantiques.com/items/42330/item42330store.html but not at
> this price.  I recently acquired a goat cart which I hope will be a
> major display component when I get a farm stand sometime in the
> future.

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