Flower buckets

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Sat Mar 30 04:10:51 EST 2002

Can anybody tell me where to buy the tall vase-shaped galvanized
buckets for the display of flowers? Like the ones in this picture
http://www.atapantiques.com/items/42330/item42330store.html but not at
this price.  I recently acquired a goat cart which I hope will be a
major display component when I get a farm stand sometime in the

In researching this I came across a superb list of resources and
suppliers for direct marketing at
http://agebb.missouri.edu/mac/agopp/arc/agopp038.txt  This newsletter
looks like it is worth subscribing to.

I had the pleasure of meeting our very own Marcie Rozensweig last
weekend at her worksshop in Chattanooga.  She put on an excellent
program which I recommend to all of of you if have a chance to attend


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