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jay gee jgj23 at
Fri Mar 29 09:21:18 EST 2002

Before I made my "bats habitat" remarks
about controlling insects instead of
spraying, I had no idea there was ongoing
research on the subject.

The research is well reported in the April
edition (paper) of National Geographic
in an article entitled, "Bat Patrol."
Worthwhile reading.

Because of connotations with witches,
vampires and rabies, bats and bat habitats
have been widely destroyed in older areas
of the country.  Farmers might find it useful
to reintroduce bats in their areas if there
are none now.  Something worth looking
into.  Not only do you get pest control, but
a great source of high quality fertilizer.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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