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It's nice that you found some good news.  I was to busy fuming over 
this from the Bush's recent USDA nomination.


(NOTE:  a special request for your assistance follows this release.)

There are simply too many farmers!  At least, that seems to be the 
contention of Undersecretary of Agriculture for Rural Development 
nominee Thomas Dorr.  His solution?  Replace family-scaled farms with 
225,000-acre giants and reduce rural America to 1 farm for every 350 
square miles.

This Saturday morning at 9am Pacific on AM 1080 KSCO, AM 1340 KOMY, 
AM 1480 KGOE and 107.5KMPH, the Saturday Food Chain with Michael 
Olson hosts Iowa farmers Darrel Bailey and George Naylor for a 
conversation about the Dorr nomination for Undersecretary of 
Agriculture for Rural Development.  Topics include a profile of 
Thomas Dorr from his neighboring Iowa farmers; what the 
industrialization of agriculture means to rural America; and the 
security issues raised when many farm families are replaced by few 
farm corporations.

Listeners are invited to call the live program with questions and 
comments at 831-479-1080 or 831-477-1340.  If you are unable to 
receive these radio stations, YOU CAN LISTEN to the Food Chain as a 
live stream or as a recorded archive by logging on the radio page at 

You can also share your thoughts on this subject at the discussion 

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