dryer for bulk herbs

Laurie Hodges lhodges1 at unl.edu
Tue Mar 26 18:16:52 EST 2002

I have seen peanut drying wagons used to dry herbs in Oklahoma. Need to have
dry wind to be most effective I'd guess. Maybe something in Mississippi
comparable. What is used to cure sweet potatoes? 

A rotating dryer would be better than the peanut wagon to reduce compaction of
green material and subsequent rot. Small farmers have considered (and it may
work--I don't know) using a corn drying bin with wire racks fitted and
suspended as layers of shelving. More manual work involved but readily
available in the grain belt.   

At 10:47 AM 3/26/02 -0800, you wrote: 
> Just in case anyone has seen or done this, I am looking to purchase some kind
> of machine to dry about a ton of green [freshly] harvested medicinal plant
> material (like catnip or wheat) (picture six pickup trucks packed with green
> material).  We have used a tobacco drying shed but this is not practical for
> the market farmer here with one or two acres of herbs.  Way too labor
> intensive.  The dryer would be part of a farmer cooperative for our state.  
> many thank you's
> Nan 
> Dancing Goats Farm
> N. Mississippi
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L. Hodges 
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