Letter of reference

jeffery uhlig juhlig at mailhost.chi.ameritech.net
Mon Mar 25 20:09:15 EST 2002

	I stopped by the office today only to find out your weren't feeling
well. I hope you get well soon. The reason I stopped by was to ask if
you still had a copy of the letter of reference you wrote for my SARE
grant proposal last year. I'm re-applying again and I would appriciate
it if you would write another ( a copy of last years would be fine). I
have a filing deadline that means I need to Fed Ex my proposal on
Wednsday. An e-mail version would be great as well. Sorry to ask so late
in the game but things have been busy at the farm and I'm just getting
to it this past week. Regards,
								Jeff Uhlig
Buff Rock Farm
9171 County Line Rd.
Steward, IL 60553

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