Genetically Engineered Corn

sunnfarm at sunnfarm at
Mon Mar 25 19:24:30 EST 2002

Its easy to discredit Bt corn from the outside of corn country, but from the inside it looks very different, I was greatful that last year my neighbors planted Bt grain corn surounding my sweetcorn farm, because this year all their land goes into soybeans and without Bt protection when all those cornborers emerged they would have headed for the first and only corn field on the radar being MY corn field.
I had a chance to scout the Bt corn and see for myself how it grew and I can say I have never seen a more worm free corn crop,and best of all there was no aerial spraying needed to control pests, once they get all the facts I think the non farm public will expect to see more Bt protected crops in the future.
If anyone would like to grow Bt sweetcorn there are only two tasteless varieties out there from Rogers seed,  Attribute yellow and bicolor...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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