Chris Sawyer css at
Mon Mar 25 19:15:33 EST 2002

Hook Family wrote:

> .
> Chris when you sell the trimmed corn retail how is it displayed?  Is it
> packaged?  I forgot to mention the packaged corn I saw had about a 1 inch
> strip of husk removed so you could see the corn.  Beth

We put it out on the table in a pile, stacked up pyramid style on a square base
of corn. it is gone really fast. I box it in half bushel boxes and only put out
one at a time, keeping the rest cold. We pick it the night before market at
sundown. It is usually the last thing we do that night. I usually strip and ear
or two and put it on top of the pile so folks can see a 'stripe' of the whole
ear. Sugar baby only makes a six inch ear tipped, and silver queen about 10 or
12 inches.


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