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> National Association of the Self Employed

We got  a quote from them a couple of years ago and your right, they have a 
very high price with less coverage. We used to have Blue Cross & Blue Shield 
until it was costing us $4000 a year and that we a group through Farm Bureau, 
when the hog business went south we had no choice but to drop it, and I found 
a group on the internet from Ind. called Golden Rule that was affordable.  
Another co we found was one called Fortis Ins.  The best rule of thumb is 
heaven help us if we have to use any insurance today, Will they pay ( I don't 
know) it is just a lot cheaper to die than to try to find out.  My wife 
worked for 25 years for a hospital and they had the worst insurance of 
anywhere around, and when she retired they were taking $435 a mounth out of 
her check and this was $1000 deductable.  Health as fars as I am concerned is 
a necessary EVIL..

I just love our snow storm yesterday, another 4 inches

Phil from Iowa
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