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Hook Family guldann at
Mon Mar 25 08:18:34 EST 2002

Franklin wrote:

    Hi Beth...I must confess that I'm not as yet a market-farmer...just =
a wanna be..:-) I follow this forum..and a few others to learn as much =
as I can. Presently I'm just a serious home gardener...that grows for =

within reason I'll expand on down the road. There are a number of =
farmers markets in this area. Franklin

Franklin, You are already ahead of the game with 30 years hobby gardening
experience.  Hobby gardening was our "education" as well.  It is different
when its for business.  This will be our first year at a farmers market so
we'll see.  But it will be our fifth year as a CSA.  You feel this sort of
pressure to do really well when you have a group of people depending on you.
But the silver linning is our gardens look way better than when we were
hobby gardening.  Can't let them slide as the summer wears on.  I also get
to buy way more seeds :).  Got a few new things to try this year.  Each year
I like to try something new, two year ago I tried green soybeans (edemame)
and that was a big sucess.  Easy to grow (like string beans) and everyone
loved them.  Two years ago tried sweet potatoes may have harvested 8 :).
Two cool here in Massachusetts.  Although I read you can container grow them
might try.
New this year okra, and brussel sprouts and some new flowers and other stuff
I've forgotten.
So Franklin try something new :).  Also give some thought to joining one of
your area Farmers Markets.  The only thing I caution you on (got this from
many posters on various lists) is not to "act" like a hobbyist, because once
there you are not.  Have a good display  easy to read signs and most
importantly don't sell your stuff dirt cheap just for a little pocket money.
This hurts your fellow farmers who need to get a good price and may hurt you
in long run when you start selling full time.  There is nothing like taking
that first small step out of hobby and into professional terrifying and
exciting at the same time :).  Beth

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