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Sun Mar 24 20:43:04 EST 2002

    Hi Beth...I must confess that I'm not as yet a market-farmer...just a wanna be..:-) I follow this forum..and a few others to learn as much as I can. Presently I'm just a serious home gardener...that grows for family and a bunch of friends. I have been gardenin' for over 30 I'm not unfamiliar with alot of practices that the small farmer uses...just havn't done it myself yet on a large scale. Actually there is one heck of a lot more to it then I thought...when you get beyond the home size of gardening. 
    The area that I want to expand to has trees on I've got my work cut out for me. Gonna clear off an acre and stump it with rented excavator for starters..:-) The just start small and if it works out within reason I'll expand on down the road. There are a number of farmers markets in this area. Franklin
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