Genetically Engineered Corn

Leigh lh at
Sun Mar 24 19:16:11 EST 2002

>     Hi Leig...but arn't the creepy crawlies that plague our crops 
>also becoming more resistant to the various topical spray's that are 
>presently being used by most farmers? Seems we are caught between a 
>rock and a hard place on this one.

how can you read that little print.  I guess I'm getting old.

No resistance to bt.   And before I would trust the people working on 
gmo's I would want 20 or 30 years of carefully, carefully monitored 
research before I would allow it out into the real world.  But that's 
not what we are going to get, we are going to get quick turn around 
for quick profit.  And I don't want to hear from anyone saying 'the 
government forces the chemical companies to fully test their 
product.' If you do, I have some real estate to sell you. And anyone 
who has ever read a seed catalogue or listened to a seed salesman 
knows, these characters are worse than used car salesman.

  No matter what potential good, the potential bad is a lot worse. 
This is something that there must be extreme caution with.  I think 
its called the precautionary principle.
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