Genetically Engineered Corn

Don Maroc maroc at
Sun Mar 24 14:45:43 EST 2002

Hello Phil from Iowa,

I certainly second all that Jill wrote about Bt insecticide.  In addition, I
stopped using it abruptly a few years ago when I was using a backpack
sprayer with Btk to get rid of a large population of tent caterpillers.  A
puff of wind blew the spray into my face and I darn neared choked on it.
That was enough for me.  Please, you science lovers don't need to explain
exactly what I choked on because I immediately realized what I was doing
wrong.  For years when the same condition presented itself I mechanically
solved it either by buring the nests on the trees or removing the affected
wood and burning it.  I didn't really need the Btk.  I'm not so
unscientific, or lacking in common sense, not to know that dealing with very
large fields of corn is problem of a different scale but I have no interest
in eating corn (or feeding it to livestock) that has Bt in every cell, which
again is a problem of a different scale from sprying outdoor food plants.
I'm not so puritanical to insist that no one be allowed to plant and
propagate Bt corn but I'm interested enough in the food I eat to want it
labelled, either as genetically modified or non-GM, both of which are
currently illegal thanks to the lobbying of multi-billion dollar
international corporations.

Don Maroc
Vancouver Island, Canada

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