Chris Sawyer css at
Sun Mar 24 10:43:22 EST 2002

>   All the
> ends were cut from the ears which made them nice and uniform and fit on the
> package.  And it was pricey approx. 50-75 cents an ear.  I stood there and
> laughed to myself ha they cut the ends off there were worms in them ha they
> are getting big bucks.  I may keep that marketing tool in mind :)

We do this routinely. I made chopping blocks from firewood, and use heavy duty
sharp knives. We do sell wholesale and at market and our wholesale customers
demand it, the market customer appreciates it because they have little waste to
deal with. As much as possible all our produce is readied for market to keep
maximum compost building material at home and out of kitchens of our customers.
It also makes it easier for the shopper to check the size of the kernel as
about half our market customers are want to do. It takes less than five minutes
to make up a 24 ct box. We got at least .50 and sometimes as much as .90 per
ear on the wholesale market. It was one of our most profitable crops and I am
sure to pay more attention to thinning and weeds in it this year. We grow
silver queen, and sugar baby from Johnny's. At the tailgate we sold 3/1.00, we
had to compete with market gardeners.

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