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Sun Mar 24 06:59:44 EST 2002

> Injecting ears of corn?...not a very easy thing to do if you have an acre
> two..:-) How many do you think would have an allergic reaction from
> vegetable oil or mineral oil if that ever got out..:-)

In the good old days, we didn't worry about such things.  We cut off the
affected bit of vegetable or fruit or ate around the worm.  When I was a

For info on treating corn with oil go to the University of Massachusetts web
page or U. Mass Extension.  This is where the system was developed.  The oil
dispenser (its not really injected  its squirted on the silk area) is now
sold by Johnnys.  I suppose it is a tool for the small grower, but if you
have a squirt team I've heard (from a talk by one of the test farmers) you
can get quite a large area done in a reasonable time.
Last year we didn't spray our corn at all and it was the least buggy its
been in years.  But most years I have to tell my CSA members to just cut off
the tip.  And no yuckys from anyone :).  Be glad its not sprayed :).
Last summer I was in a Bread and Circus (upscale grocery store) they had
corn for sale.  Big organic sign above it.  The corn was packaged either 3
or 4 ears on a plastic tray and then covered with plastic film.  All the
ends were cut from the ears which made them nice and uniform and fit on the
package.  And it was pricey approx. 50-75 cents an ear.  I stood there and
laughed to myself ha they cut the ends off there were worms in them ha they
are getting big bucks.  I may keep that marketing tool in mind :). Fingers
crossed for more good corn.  Beth

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