a market farming course?

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Wed Mar 20 18:16:51 EST 2002

    It looks like I may be in the position to help create a 3-4 month introductory "market farming course with sustainable/organic ag methods emphasized" for adults interested in earning some income part-time or even full-time, doing this type of work on their own when they "graduate".........our project is located in the Deep South USA.  
    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am wondering if there are some websites, groups, individuals, universities, etc. that have:
 1) already done this type of thing;
 2)  would actually be willing to SHARE the information;
This would NOT be a four year university type ag program.  Rather the idea emerges from a sustainable agriculture grass-roots movement within a particular region with folks trying to do this already, and now some decent, stable funding may come into the picture.  

The adults qualifying for this program would include those who need basic job skill training, as well as those who are eager and ready to advance and want to explore this field (no pun intended) quite intentionally and may even already have land and some growing experience but need to notch up to the next level and/or learn the sustainabe/organic practices and get certified, etc. Also, low literacy level is a big issue with some folks who might attend.

Our state extension is supportive, but this is not their area of expertise, frankly, nor are there other successful market farmers in our immediate area.

Many thanks for whatever y'all point me to.  We already have a local person who will serve as coordinator, and will give 800% to make it a success.  

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