Salad spinners

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Wed Mar 20 02:56:25 EST 2002

> Marlin, have you thought of putting some type of semi-mechanical
> winder on your clever spinner?  Sort of like the winders on small
> motors such as some lawn mowers or in one of those childrens tops
> which you push down on?

Since the spinner partially rewinds itself each time it spins down, it
takes little effort to complete the rewind, certainly no more effort than
it would take to operate any kind of mechanical rewinder I might try to
rig up.  Simplicity is the beauty of this thing.  There is nothing to it
but a plastic basket and three 6' pieces of nylon rope.  It is powered by
gravity and no more manual energy than would be required to turn a crank,
without the crank.  Since the second half of each cycle is the gravity
powered spin down, there is no more than half the required manual energy
needed to operate any hand cranked model.  Loading and unloading is easy
because one can hang it beside the washing sink, lifting washed material
straight into the spinner from the sink.  Unloading is simply tipping the
basket and dumping the material into a receiving container.  When you are
done, unhook the spinner from the overhead hook or nail, sray it off with
a hose, and store it inside in a clean and dry place.  No electrical
wiring, no plumbing, no trashy looking old washing machines sitting

Marlin Burkholder APS

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