Plumbing the: 1 Bushel Lettuce Spinner

Robert H Meyer rhmeyer1 at
Tue Mar 19 11:40:15 EST 2002

>Chris -
>Thanks for sharing this great information!
>Forgive me denseness, but would you mind sharing how you PLUMB the washer?

No need to plumb it, you only use the 110 volt plug (make sure it's to a 
grounded, or better a ground-fault outlet) that is all you need to make the 
motor spin, which spins the tub and pumps the water out of the sump.  One 
thing I'd suggest is that after each days washing you run a 5 gallon bucket 
of clear water through the sump and pump.  That way any algae growth, etc. 
can be kept to a minimum.

I called an appliance guy to find out about speeds.  If your machine says 
"2-speed motor" on it, then the knit and delicate cycles will run shorter 
(timewise) and slower.  The regular settings will spin faster and 
longer.  You can either use the timer to run the cycle, or I've seen some 
growers that bypass the timer and the lid switch and wire a toggle switch 
to turn the machine on and off.

To keep the greens from plastering to the side of the tub, you can use a 
mesh bag to reduce the handling (see  follow the 
links to the Vegetable Growers tip sheet page, we have one on mesh bags and 
where to find them.  Most discount stores are selling laundry bags, but 
these seem to be "flatter" -- the ones from Nylon Net Company are also sold 
as live-well liners for fishing boats and are 22 inches square on the 
bottom (each way) with 22 inch tall sides.

Spring is almost here (up here)!


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