grape arbor design

Robert W Arnold rwa at
Tue Mar 19 09:35:04 EST 2002

Hi all,
A friend of mine gave me some old timey grape (or maybe bolus (sp?)) seeds.
It's a big black kind. I used to see (and eat!) these when I was a kid, but
I havent' seen any in a long time. I'm going to plant them, but since grapes
aren't a big thing in north Florida, I really don't know much about arbors
or plant spacing, care, etc. We have a lot of scuppons down here, but they
just grow in the trees and I wanted to set these up on a arbor. I could
string some wire between a couple of T posts, but I would like to do it
whichever way is best. If anyone knows of a URL that would show me how I
need to set this up, I would appreciate it! 
BTW, to all my farming neighbors to the north, please keep the remaining
cold up there, I have veggies growing like mad down here, and I really don't
need the frost!!! :)
Hope everyone has a great day!

Bridge Creek Farm
Robert and Shirley Arnold
Marianna, FL

Remember: Never be afraid to try something new...amateurs built the
Ark...professionals built the Titanic!

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