1 Bushel Lettuce Spinner

Chris Sawyer css at ioa.com
Tue Mar 19 07:31:07 EST 2002

I am a member of Carolina Organic Growers, most all of us use old washing
machines as salad spinners. Remover the agitator and use a stick or something
to defeat the lid switch and simply fill and spin on gentle cycle. I do the
cycle twice with a fluff in between and get the greens really dry. All it
needs to prep is a rinse with a little clorox water before loading. We removed
the lid for ease in loading and unloading. Some even pack their stuff in net
laundry bags, but that is just more work in my opinion. Our washer is
installed right next to the triple sink. A dip through each sink and into the
washer makes triple washing a breeze. We get 5-7 pounds in each load of
mesclun mix. We pack that into 1/2 bushel boxes (3 pounds) lined with plastic
bags for the wholesale markets, and 4 ounce clamshells (unvented) for retail.
Finish it off with a fancy computer generated label, spray with fixative (get
at art supply store) as used by artists to fix charcoal and chalk drawings to
keep the ink from smearing if it gets damp. We just won a blue ribbon for best
value added product at our local Organic Growers school with this method and
our gourmet mesclun mix.


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