Salad spinners

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Tue Mar 19 03:26:14 EST 2002

Yes, people do use old washing machines to spin-dry salad greens, but
I found that they bruise delicate baby greens.  It has been
recommended that you use a machine which does not have a center
spindle and there is a way you can slow down the motor to avoid
bruising.  I have always found the salad spinner which Johnny's and a
couple of other companies carry to be ridiculously expensive at around
$200 and too low in capacity.

Marlin, have you thought of putting some type of semi-mechanical
winder on your clever spinner?  Sort of like the winders on small
motors such as some lawn mowers or in one of those childrens tops
which you push down on?
> It has probably been mentioned (and I wasn't paying attention) why
> not just use an old washing machine. They come real cheap and you
> would just have to put it on the spin cycle.


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