1 Bushel Lettuce Spinner

Marlin Burkholder glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Tue Mar 19 00:49:42 EST 2002

> My only concern is bruising, although I don't think it would be a problem.
After using my homemade spinner the first time, I was satisfied that
bruising is not a problem.  The first thing I ran in it was "mesclun" which
is the most delicate thing I am likely to ever run.  It doesn't spin
extremely fast, yet fast enough to sling the water out.  As it gets to the
bottom of the spin the momentum causes it to begin winding in the other
direction which results in a steady slowdown.  As it comes to a stop, I
manually continue the rewind, then let it spin the other direction.  When
you release it, it starts slowly and increases to maximum speed halfway
through the spin. Each spin, including the partial rewind, lasts about 10-15
seconds.  I found that several spins with a gentle roll of the contents by
carefully shaking the basket between spins, were necessary to get most of
the water out.  Centrifugal force causes the contents to shift to the
outside of the basket which is probably desirable.  I really think the
physical action of the spinner itself is quite gentle.

I havn't run it more than half full yet so I don't yet know what the optimum
amount of filling vs spinning efficiency will be.  My guess is that fuller
loads might not spin out as well.  However the thing is cheap enough and
simple enough to make that I will probably make several more.  That way I
could have one spinning down while I am winding the other.  I should be able
to spin a good sized pile of salad pretty quickly with such a setup.

Marlin Burkholder APS

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