plastic mulch

Tom Anslow limerock at
Mon Mar 18 17:17:48 EST 2002

Joan  --  What we have done, is to put a broom stick through the roll and
tie a rope around each end of the stick.  One person pulls the plastic along
for 15-40' (depending on the wind conditions) and stops, then with light
foot pressure on the roll, pulls the plastic tight and lines the roll up
with a stringline.  (To keep the rows straight, we run a line from stakes on
each end of the row, trying to keep the edge of the roll near the
stringline.)  Then the other person pulls some dirt onto the edge every so
many feet as needed, to anchor it down along one side.  Next, step over to
anchor the other side.  Use your foot (with light pressure) to pull the
plastic tight before anchoring this side.   It is helpful to place the
anchor spots directly across from each other, keeping the plastic somewhat
straight and not all puckered up.   Whenever convenient, or necessary, go
back and cover up the rest of the plastic, once again using light foot
pressure to pull the plastic tight.  We use a wide bladed hoe for the
covering.  Good luck!

PS:  Try to get the job pulling the plastic, much easier than the covering

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> We are about to start laying plastic mulch - a new activity for us and I'm
> looking for helpful hints, etc. to make this as successful as possible.  I

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