plastic mulch

Joan Vibert joan at
Mon Mar 18 12:51:38 EST 2002

We are about to start laying plastic mulch - a new activity for us and I'm
looking for helpful hints, etc. to make this as successful as possible.  I
understand that it needs to be kept as close to the ground as possible to
avoid wind getting under it and should be laid as flat and taut as possible.
I'm thinking we will till the paths between the beds and use that soil to
cover the edges.  Can this be done by two people without too much
frustration?  I'm bringing in our 15 year old grandson to help - he's an old
hand at drip hose laying with me - which we will practice on first.

Second - I was reading a study in Growing For Market this morning about
potatoes raised in different colored plastics, including black.  Is this
something I can get some information on also - I'd love to try potatoes this
way.  I guess I have a hard time picturing the sprouts finding their way out
of a plastic covering - and yes, I've seen them find their way out of a
kitchen drawer but it doesn't seem the same.

Any info would be much appreciated!

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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