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Mon Mar 18 11:08:32 EST 2002

I use a Myron L. ec meter in my greenhouse crops the unit costs $150 and is nessessary if you are mixing soluble type liquid fertilizers or producing plants in soiless media, I can determine NPK concentrations of a fertilizer application just by sampling the ec from the output of the fertilizer injector, I can sample salt concentrations by soaking soiless media in water then testing the ec of that water and I can sample ec by watering pots or flats and capturing water running out of the pots and testing it directly.
Don't try to compare field soil grown tomatoes with the hydroponic system there is little to equate the two, ec meters work great only when you have a liquid sample, if you want a field soil ec, we all send samples to a testing lab every week, this gives us the best idea of whats going on in the soil, also its very hard to change an ec with organics,nor is it as critical as compared to soluble type fertilizers used in hydroponic systems
Don't go out and buy a $20 tester they are a major ripoff, even my Myron EC meter is the minimum entry level tester...Bob
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.
>I've heard of some growers using the conductivity (EC) meters to 
>analyze plant sap to determine nutrient needs and to determine 
>whether the plants need more (or less) water. I've been told that an 
>EC meter test on plant sap is really the only way to determine if 
>irrigation is needed (replacing the finger in the soil test at our 
>Anyone have any experience with using EC meters in this fashion?>

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